What Style is This Beer

I have seen a lot of question asking “What style of beer is this?” Typically the question comes from people using ingredients they have on hand to brew a beer. Most brewing software will allow you to make an educated guess as to what style the beer is closest too.

The problem is that you have to go through multiple iterations. First looking to see what styles fit the OG and then narrow that down to what styles fit the FG. And then look at the SRM. And the process continues.

The worksheet below will let you know what style you have brewed. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and it will check your inputs against the BJCP 2015 guidelines and show you the style that meets your inputs.

Keep in mind that you just might have made a beer that does not fall within any specific guidelines. And the BJCP has been so kind as to give us a catchall category of ‘experimantal’ for those brews.


Enter the beer OG:

Enter the beer FG:

Enter the beer SRM:

Enter the beer IBUs:



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