Acronyms Used in Brewing


There are lots of acronyms used in the brewing community. This is a list of some of the more common ones used:

AA – Alpha acid

AAA – American Amber Ale

AAE – alpha amylase enzyme

AAU – Alpha Acid Unit

ABV – Alcohol By Volume

ABW – Alcohol By Weight

AFAIK – As Far As I Know

AFD – Alcohol Free Day

AG – All Grain

AHA – American Homebrewers Association

AHB – Aussie Home Brewer

ANAWBS – Australian National Amateur Wine and Beer Show

APA – American Pale Ale

ATM – At The Moment

BAE – beta amylase enzyme

BB – Brew Booster

Bbl – Barrel (31 gallons in U.S.)

BE – Brew Enhancer – Coopers – also BE2

BIAB – Brew in a Bag

BIN – Buy It Now – Ebay.

BJCP – Beer Judge Certification Program

BOAB – Brewing On A Budget

BP – BrewPub

BS – BullS**t

BTU – British thermal units

BTW – By The Way

BYO – Brew Your Own (print magazine) –

CaCO3 – calcium carbonate (chalk)

CAMRA – Campaign for Real Ale

CAP – Classic American Pilsner

CaSO4 – calcium sulfate (gypsum)

CC – Cold Condition

CF – Counter Flow

CFC – Counter Flow Chiller

CFWC – Counter Flow Wort Chiller

CO – carbon monoxide

CO2 – Carbon Dioxide

CP – Charlie Papazian

CPA – Coopers (Original) Pale Ale

CPBF – Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

CPF – Counter Pressure Filler

CPVC – chlorinated polyvinyl choloride (plastic)

CSA – Cold Side Aeration

CSA – Coopers Sparking Ale

DAB – Dortmunder Actien Brauerei

DCL – DCL Yeast – formerly Fermentis – Safale, Saflager etc.

DCS – Dried Corn Syrup (MaltoDextrin)

DE – diatamacious earth (filter)

DE – diastatic enzyme

DLM – Dry Light Malt (Extract)

DM – Dave Miller

DME – Dry Malt Extract

DME – dark malt extract (uncommon)

DME – diastatic malt extract (uncommon)

DMS – DiMethyl Sulfide

DMSO – dimethyl sulfoxide

DWC – DeWolf Cosyns (malting company)

EBC – European Brewers Convention, a measure of grains/beer colour. See SRM

EE – extract efficiency (uncommon)

EF – Edmund Fitzgerald Robust Porter, brewed by the Great Lakes Brewing Company.

EKG – East Kent Goldings (hop variety)

ESB – Extra/English Special Bitter

FAN – Free Amino-Nitrogen

FAQ – frequently asked question

FB – False Bottom (lautering)

FDA – United States Food & Drug Administration

FFS – For F*** Sake

FG – Finished/Final Gravity (see also OG and SG)

FV – fermentation vessel

FWH – First wort hopping

FWIW – For What It’s Worth

FYI – For Your Information

GABF – Great American Beer Festival

GBBF – Great British Beer Festival

GPM – gallons per minute

HB – Home Brew!

HBD – Homebrew Digest

HBS – Home Brew Store/Shop

HBU – Homebrew Bittering Unit r

HDPE – High Density PolyEthylene – a plastic, used for fermentors, stirring spoons, etc.

HERMS – Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System

HEX – Heat Exchange

HLB – hot liquor bath

HLT – Hot liquor tank

HNO3 – nitric acid

HP – High Pressure

HSA – Hot side aeration

HTB – How To Brew – John Palmer’s free online(print avail.) book.

IBU – International Bittering Unit

ID – internal diameter

IIRC – If I Remember Correctly

IMC – International Malting Company

IMHO – In My Humble/Honest Opinion

IMO – In My Opinion

IOW – in other words

IPA – India Pale Ale

IRA – Irish Red Ale

K&B or KnB – Kits and Bits – Kit of hopped malt extract, extra malt extract, extra hops and special yeast.

K&K or K+K – Kit (hopped malt extract) and Kilo (sugar)

L – degree Lovibond (measure of color)

LA – low alcohol

LC – Little Creatures

LHBS – Local Home Brew Store/Shop

LME – Liquid Malt Extract

LMK – Let Me Know

LOL – Laughing Out Loud

LPG – liquid propane gas

LT – lauter tun

MBAA – Master Brewers Association of America

MD – MaltoDextrin

MgSO4 – magnesium sulfate (epsom salt)

MLT – Mash & Lauter Tun

MM – malt mill

MO – Maris Otter – variety of Barley

MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet

MT – mash tun

N2 – nitrogen

NA – non-alcoholic

NaCHO3 – sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

NaCl – sodium chloride (table salt)

NB – Northern Brewer hops

NC – ‘No Chill’ method for cooling boiled wort

NE – NorthEast (or New England) region of USA

NG – natural gas

NHC – National Homebrew Competition (in USA)

O2 – oxygen

OD – outer diameter

OG – Original Gravity (see also FG and SG)

OLHBS – OnLine HomeBrew Store/Shop

OMG – Oh My God

OPA – Original Pale Ale (Coopers)

OTOH – On The Other Hand

P – Plato (density measurement, see also SG)

PET – PolyEthylene Terephthalate

pH – potential hydrogen (measure of acidity)

PITA – Pain In The Ass

PKU – Please Keep Up

PM – Private/Personal Message

PNW – Pacific Northwest (region of USA)

ppg – points per gallon (extract efficiency)

ppm – part per million (mg/l)

PS – PostScript

PSI – pounds per square inch (pressure)

PVC – PolyVinylChloride – Vinyl tubing

R2D – Ready to Drink

RB – Roasted Barley

RCD – Residual-Current Device

RDWHAHB – Relax, Don’t Worry, Have A Home Brew!

RFC – request for comment

RIMS – Recirculating Infusion Mash System

RIS – Russian imperial stout

RO – Reverse Osmosis (water filtration)

ROFL – Rolling On Floor Laughing


RTFM – read the flaming manual

SG – Specific Gravity (see also FG and OG)

SMM – S-methyl methionine

SNPA – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

SRM – Standard Reference Method (Standard for USA), see Lovibond and EBC

SS – Stainless Steel

SS – SodaStream

SWMBO – She Who Must Be Obeyed (aka: the missus or The Wife)

TBH – To Be Honest … blah blah blah

TIA – thanks in advance

TKT – Thread Killa Thread

TR – Tap Room

TSP – TriSodium Phosphate -r

TW – Torrified Wheat – puffed wheat.

TWOC – Tina’s World Of Crafts(!) HBS in Perth

USFDA – United States Food & Drug Administration

WCB – West Coast Brewers.

WL – White Labs (also WLP)

WTF – What The F*$! ?

WWW – world wide web

WY – Wyeast

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary