Where Did My Beer Style Go?

The latest changes in the BJCP 2015 guidelines has caused some confusion. For example if you go looking for the familiar Russian Imperial Stout, you will not find such a category. Nor will you find one of my favorites, the Dry Stout. The Russian Imperial Stout category is now just Imperial Stout. And the Dry Stout is now known as Irish Stout.

Here is a list of the familiar old categories and where they have been moved in the new guideline. I have provided a link in each of the New Categories so you can easily find the specifics for that style. For example you can find the OG, FG, ABV, SRM for that specific style/category of beer:

Old Category New Category
Special/Premium/Best Bitter Best Bitter
Northern English Brown Ale British Brown Ale
Strong Scotch Ale Wee Heavy
Dry Stout Irish Stout
Oktoberfest Märzen
German Pilsner German Pils
Bohemian Pilsner Czech Premium Pale Lager
Maibock Helles Bock
Hefeweizen Weissbier
Lite American Lager American Light Lager
Imperial IPA Double IPA
Robust Porter American Porter
Russian Imperial Stout Imperial Stout